How You Can Make Your HVAC System Run More Efficiently

If you’re ready to take control of your energy bills and eliminate seasonal spikes that occur during the scorching summer and frigid winter, follow these simple energy-saving strategies. Most of these tips are free or have a minimal cost that will easily be recouped with year-round savings in your Eastwood, KY home.

HVAC Efficiency Tips

  • Change your air filter every month or two. Replacement filters are cheap. You’ll save money on your electric bills and prevent airflow problems. If you have pets or live in an older home, change the filter more often.
  • The fins that surround the refrigerant-filled coils are vital for heat exchange. If they are clogged with dirt, your HVAC system won’t run efficiently. Clean the outdoor coils with a garden hose. If you have a split system, have your One Choice Mechanical, LLC technician clean the indoor coils.
  • Seasonal tune-ups can boost your system’s efficiency. Have your air conditioner serviced in the spring and your furnace serviced in the fall. Heat pumps should be inspected twice per year. Your technician will check each part of the system, including the refrigerant, moving components, belts, and electrical terminals.
  • Most homeowners in Kentucky use thermostat settings that increase their energy use. The ideal indoor temperature is 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees to ensure max comfort. When the air conditioning is on, turn the temperature back by 5 degrees before you leave.
  • Indoor habits affect your system’s performance. Open all of the air vents. Use exhaust fans to remove steam caused by cooking and bathing. Decorate with light-colored curtains in the summer, and keep your windows uncovered in the winter to take advantage of the solar energy. If you have a heat pump, ask about intelligent recovery thermostats that increase efficiency.

Calling the Pros

With these energy-saving strategies, your utility bills will be lower, and your home will be more comfortable. Call One Choice Mechanical, LLC today to schedule a tune-up at your Louisville home or to learn more about our 20-point inspections.

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