Efficiently Cool and Heat Your Living Spaces with Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-split systems, which HVAC technicians also commonly refer to as mini splits, have numerous potential applications in both residential homes and commercial buildings. Often used as a retrofit add-on in a home that has a ‘non-ducted’ heating system, including those that have radiant panels or space heaters, a ductless mini-split is also worth installing in a room or a small apartment if adding or extending ductwork for a central HVAC system isn’t possible. 

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If your home only needs a small space conditioning system to heat or cool it, a ductless mini-split might also be your best comfort solution. Like a central HVAC system, mini splits have two main components, including the outdoor compressor and an air handling unit that sits inside. At One Choice Mechanical our HVAC technicians specialize in working with these components, whether it involves repairing, installing or maintaining them.

Benefits of Installing a Trane Ductless Mini-Split System

When deciding whether to invest in a ductless mini-split, consider the benefits of doing so:

  • More control: Central HVAC systems move air through ductwork before it enters the living spaces. Ductless systems deliver that air directly, improving temperature control as a result. If you want to replace an inefficient space heater or window unit, a ductless system is the most cost-effective way to do it.
  • Easy installation: If you don’t already have ductwork inside your home, it can take weeks to install a central HVAC system. Depending on how many ductless units you install, it can take less than a day to have the system fully operational.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Homeowners with central HVAC systems must invest in duct cleaning to ensure their indoor air quality doesn’t deteriorate. With a ductless system, you don’t have to worry about it. Ductless systems are also armed with multi-stage filtration, reducing the amount of dirt, dust and other pollutants inside your home. This ensures your IAQ is never compromised.
  • Increased efficiency: Ductless systems are smaller and pump air directly into your living spaces. With greater zoning capabilities, this leads to better energy efficiency than a conventional central HVAC system. Ductless systems also use advanced chemical processes that are better for the environment.
  • Cost savings: Ductless systems are smaller in size, use less power to operate and offer more temperature control. When you compile all the benefits of a ductless system, including increased energy efficiency, it ultimately leads to the conclusion that it costs less to operate than a central HVAC system.

Every residential home and commercial building have different heating and cooling needs. At One Choice Mechanical our technicians are trained and experienced to assess your heating and cooling environment to estimate just how much you might benefit from a Trane ductless system.

If you’re interested in learning more about ductless mini-splits, give us a call today! We serve the communities of Louisville, Eastwood, Prospect, Anchorage, Briarwood, St. Matthews, Stoneybrook, Jeffersontown, Fern Creek, Hillview, Grinstead, West Buechel, and Seneca Gardens.

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