Your Comprehensive Furnace Maintenance Checklist

As the seasons change in Louisville, Kentucky, the weather starts to cool down during the late fall and winter months. Even though it’s still warm outside, now is the time to schedule a furnace maintenance service so that you’re prepared when the winter chill comes.

What’s Involved in a Tune-Up?

Your furnace should be tuned up annually to make sure it’s in good condition and able to keep up with the heating needs during the winter. During the tune-up, your HVAC technician should perform some important tasks and know what to look for when it comes to proper heating.

Clean and Inspect

The first step in a furnace maintenance service is a full inspection. The technician will be looking for any warning signs that could indicate a problem with the system. This step usually involves doing some light cleaning of the burners and the compartment that houses these components, as well as the blower motor and condensate drains. During the inspection, if your technician spots any areas of concern, they can go through these with you and come up with a plan for repair. By catching issues early, you’re less likely to have a breakdown of the system on the coldest day of the year.

Test the System

Your technician should also do a test to make sure the system is producing enough hot air. This test often includes cycling the furnace on and off, checking that enough combustion is present for the required amount of airflow, and ensuring that the temperature on the thermostat rises as the heating system runs. During the testing phase, the technician may also add lubricant to any moving parts as needed.

Check the Fuel Lines

It’s also important to have the fuel lines checked regularly. If you have a blockage, your system won’t produce much warm air. A leaky fuel line can increase the risk of fire in your home, so it’s worth getting checked out for safety.

At One Choice Mechanical, LLC, we offer furnace maintenance so contact us to schedule your tune-up at (502) 242-8204.

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