Why the Size of Your HVAC System Matters

Bigger isn’t always better. A bigger house may sound nice, but those high mortgage and utility bills aren’t nearly as appealing.

The size of your HVAC system will have longtime consequences in your Louisville, Kentucky home. If you want to save on utility costs and avoid surprise expenditures, ensure your HVAC system is the right size for your home.

Why Are There Different HVAC Sizes?

Why can’t HVAC systems just be one size fits all? Well, you wouldn’t put the engine of a semi truck in a sedan, nor would you put a moped engine in your pickup truck. Vehicles are to run optimally with a certain size of engine, and homes are similar. The size and design of your home constitute an HVAC “load.” It’s the space that an HVAC system is required to care for. Since your home is a different size than the apartment you had in your college days, the size of the HVAC system will also differ.

Why Does HVAC Size Matter?

You need an HVAC system that’s properly fitted for the heating and cooling load of your home, which can be calculated by an HVAC technician. If your system is too large, it will spend all of its time in its startup phase, then turn off too quickly after it rapidly cools the home. This results in high utility costs and strain on the system. A small HVAC system will experience too much strain as it tries, and inevitably fails, to maintain comfort.

Your HVAC system is the heart of comfort and efficiency in your home, so make sure it’s the proper size HVAC system in comparison to the size of your home. To ensure your HVAC system is running as it should, call One Choice Mechanical today at (502) 242-8204.

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