When Is It Time to Schedule a Professional AC and Heating Tune-Up in Clarksville, KY?

Did you know that, in the average U.S. household, about half of the yearly energy bill is for heating and cooling alone? That means the typical American family pays around $900 to heat and cool their homes annually!

That’s already a lot, but yours could be higher without regular HVAC maintenance.

By contrast, well-maintained heating and air conditioning systems cost less to operate. For example, ensuring your AC always has clean filters can reduce the system’s energy use by 5% to 15%.

That’s a good enough reason to invest in regular AC and heating tune-up services in Clarksville, KY.

The question is, when exactly should you schedule them?  

We’ll tell you the answer in this guide, so read on.

During Spring

Spring is the best time to schedule an AC tune-up with a local HVAC company in Clarksville, KY. This lets the pros check your air conditioning system before the peak cooling season. It gives them enough time to clean your AC, inspect it for issues, and fix problems before they worsen.

If you wait until the peak of summer to get your HVAC tune-up, you may need more than that. That’s because the longer you let your system operate while dirty, the harder it has to work. This places more burden on your air conditioner, which can then cause it to overheat and shut down.

The last thing you want during Clarksville’s hot and muggy summers is for your AC to fail. Because without a working, energy-efficient HVAC system, your home can become too uncomfortable. It can even put you and your family at risk of heat-related illnesses.

At the very least, an inefficient air conditioner can make your energy bills rise.

Don’t let any of that happen by scheduling a professional HVAC tune-up in spring.

During Fall

Like a spring AC tune-up, one done in the fall gives an HVAC technician time to scrutinize your system. This involves thoroughly cleaning and investigating your heater for issues. The tech ensures your heating system is in top condition in time for winter.

So, with a fall HVAC maintenance schedule, you don’t have to worry about not having heating when you need it the most.

You can also prevent more sinister problems like gas leaks. These problems can happen due to a busted heat exchanger that can spew out carbon monoxide (CO). Please be aware that CO is invisible and odorless but can be dangerous and cause poisoning.

That said, please don’t wait until winter to get your HVAC checked by a pro. Instead, schedule one as early as fall.

Stay Safe With Regular AC and Heating Tune-Up

As you learned in this guide, spring and fall are the best times to schedule AC and heating tune-up services. A good enough reason is that they give you adequate time to prepare your HVAC system for heavy use. Most importantly, these early checks can help ensure your AC and heater are safe to operate.

Ready to get your HVAC system checked by an experienced Clarksville technician? Then, our team here at One Choice Mechanical, LLC is happy to help! Contact us now to schedule your HVAC tune-up!

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