The Relationship Between Ventilation and Energy Efficiency

Good quality airflow is a priority in your Fairdale, Kentucky, home. So is energy efficiency. Sometimes, these two priorities can seem at cross-purposes with one another. The techniques used for air sealing a home to make it more energy efficient can also significantly decrease its ventilation. This can reduce air quality and lead to increased risk of allergy and asthma complications, as well as the spread of the flu and the common cold.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however. You can employ these ventilation strategies to help ensure that your energy-efficient home also has excellent air quality.

Natural Ventilation

The easiest way to ventilate your home is with natural ventilation. This can mean simply opening doors and windows to allow fresh air to circulate through the house. While it’s effective for this purpose, it will also drastically decrease energy efficiency, as most heat will be lost.

Mechanical Ventilation

Another way to ventilate your home is through mechanical ventilation, which is better for energy efficiency. There are four types of mechanical ventilation.

  • Exhaust Ventilation: A single large fan drives out heat and allows fresh air in.
  • Supply Ventilation: Fans and ducts bring filtered and/or dehumidified outside air in.
  • Balanced Ventilation: This system combines supply and exhaust systems.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation: This system tempers outside air as it comes in.

Mechanical ventilation usually enhances indoor air quality. A combination of the systems listed above may be needed to find your perfect solution.

Ventilation and Effective Cooling Strategies

Avoiding heat buildup and employing ventilation techniques for cooling is the least expensive way to improve air quality. Look at rooms where heat buildup affects the entire home. Consider using spot ventilation, such as ceiling fans or window fans. Or try using your attic fan more often.

It is best to know your options for proper indoor air quality. Call One Choice Mechanical, LLC at (502) 242-8204 to learn how you can improve your indoor air quality with our products.

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