How Your HVAC System Can Affect Your Sleep in Hillview, KY

Do you have trouble falling asleep or issues with frequently waking up throughout the night? Your HVAC system in Hillview, KY, could be the culprit. Read on to learn why this can happen and some prevention tips that’ll keep your family comfortable.

Abnormal Noises

Most of us recognize the gentle hum of the HVAC system turning on and off, whether it’s heating or cooling our home. However, if it makes noises loud enough to wake you, there could be a problem. Some of these noises include squealing, banging and rattling.

Have You Checked Your Air Filter?

Checking your system’s air filter once a month is a smart way to maintain it. While you may not need to change it that often, some experts believe you should change it every three months. According to This Old House, the recommendation is to change your air filter every 50 days and every two months if you have children or pets.

Clean Your Vents

As part of your monthly maintenance HVAC check, inspect and clean your vents as needed. Dirty vents can impact your sleep if your airflow has to go through them. Usually, all it takes is a quick vacuum with an extension hose to ensure your airflow comes to you clean without pollutants.

Eliminate Dust from Your Home

Think about how the air constantly recirculates in your home. That’s why you’ll want to keep your home as clean as possible. Regular vacuuming and dusting will prevent dust particles from getting stuck in your HVAC system. Regular dusting is essential for households with children or adults who have allergies.

Need a Professional?

Making sure your HVAC system is working properly can help you get a good night’s sleep. Call the professional HVAC technicians at One Choice Mechanical, LLC in Hillview, KY, and we’ll make sure your unit is working properly.

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