Dos and Don’ts of HVAC Maintenance in Fern Creek, KY

If you live in Fern Creek, KY, then you’re likely preparing for the winter here. One of the most important ways to do so is to have your furnace, heat pump, or other heating system maintained. Getting HVAC maintenance each year has many benefits, including keeping a warranty valid and staying safe.

Leave Maintenance to a Professional

Chances are that your heating system has a warranty on it to cover the cost of repairs. Usually, though, warranties require you to use a professional for installation and maintenance. It can save you hassle to work with a professional consistently to avoid expensive out-of-pocket repairs.

A pro can determine better than any DIY homeowner the source of problems with a system. Professionals learn the optimal settings and outputs of different heating and cooling systems and can catch problems before they become big.

Schedule It for Every Fall

Experts recommend two tune-ups a year: one in the spring for the AC and one in the autumn for the heater. Many homeowners have their furnace, or other heating system checked up in the summer so that if the technicians find an issue, there’s still plenty of time to schedule repairs. If it’s already fall, you’ll want to schedule maintenance as soon as possible.

Replace Filters at Least Once a Year

Depending on the type and location of the filter, you will need to replace them at least once a year and in some cases, every few months. The frequency with which you clean your filter will depend on the system you own, the sources of dust in your home, and the type of filter you have.

Budget filters, made from fiberglass, need replacing every 30 days while the higher-quality paper filters with pleats may last up to 90 days. Other factors that you would need to consider include the presence of pets or smokers in your home.

Striving for 100% Customer Satisfaction

Call One Choice Mechanical, LLC, to send out licensed, bonded, and insured technicians to your home in Fern Creek to take on your HVAC maintenance project. Let our professionals help to optimize your system today.

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