All Jefferson, Kentucky, homeowners rely on their home’s electrical systems for comfort, entertainment, and safety. Like all other home components, electrical systems will inevitably need maintenance and repair. Fortunately, your senses will alert you to potential problems.

All the Things You Can See

Seeing flickering lights may indicate a simple problem with the bulbs, but it can be a sign of a greater issue. If replacing a bulb doesn’t fix flickering lights, the problem could be with the light fixture, the fixture’s connection, or a connection in the breaker box; repairing these problems requires a professional.

Circuit breakers that trip often indicates that circuit needs attention. Occasionally tripping is normal because of an overload, but frequent, unexplained trips need a professional to diagnose and repair.

Sparks aren’t uncommon when plugging in or unplugging appliances. If an outlet sparks a lot, or the breaker box is sparking, call an electrician immediately.

Lights and outlets that don’t work consistently reveal signs of an electrical problem. The wiring leading to them could be loose, or the units need to be replaced.

Things You Can Smell

Any time you smell an odd odor from an outlet, fixture, or a breaker box, call in a professional. Sometimes a new appliance will create an odor the first time it’s connected, but anytime you smell burning plastic, you should call a repairman.

Things You Can Hear

Popping or sizzling from an outlet, switch, or fixture indicates a problem. These sounds are often caused by loose connections, broken fixtures, or frayed wires. If you hear any irregular sounds from appliances or your home’s electric system, you need an electrician.

Things You Can Feel

Outlets, switch plates, and ceiling fixtures may get warm to the touch when used a lot, but they should never be too hot to touch. Fixtures or outlets that become hot when not in use need attention.

If you’ve experienced any of these signs, give One Choice Mechanical, LLC a call at (502) 242-8204. Our qualified electricians are here for you!

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