4 Types of Geothermal HVAC Systems You Should Consider

For the most part, geothermal heat pumps work like conventional models. However, instead of transferring heat to or from the outdoor air to cool and heat your home, geothermal HVAC units move energy to or from the ground or water. Ground and water temperatures don’t fluctuate with the seasons as much as air temperatures, so geothermal HVAC systems are more efficient than traditional units.

A geothermal heat pump can reduce your utility bills and increase the value of your Louisville, Kentucky, home. It can also give you more space in your yard by letting you remove your previous system’s outdoor unit, and you won’t have to worry about damage from bad weather. Here are some types of geothermal HVAC units that you should consider for your house.


Open-loop geothermal systems send clean water through a series of underground or underwater pipes. The water acts like refrigerant, absorbing heat in winter and getting rid of it in summer. This water usually comes from a nearby well or lake. The water in the pipes is returned to the source and replaced frequently. This type of system doesn’t require as much digging as most other geothermal systems do so installation is less expensive. Many open-loop units can work as water heaters as well.


Closed-loop systems don’t exchange water with the environment, and many of them use refrigerant. Because they don’t need to be installed near a water source, they can work in most homes and businesses.


A geothermal system with horizontal loops has pipes buried in the ground in trenches. You’ll need a large, unpaved lot where the pipes can be installed. You also may need to remove large parts of your landscaping.


Vertical systems use small holes hundreds of feet deep for the pipes instead. They’re more expensive to install, but they won’t disturb your landscaping.

We can help you decide which type of geothermal HVAC system is best for your home or business. Call One Choice Mechanical, LLC today at (502) 242-8204 for excellent service.

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