The walls in your home hide a complex system of wires that deliver the energy your family needs to function. Unfortunately, a problem with the electrical system will make life very difficult. Watch for these telltale signs, like a burning smell or frequently tripping breakers, suggesting that you need to call an electrician for home rewiring in Kentucky.

Blown Fuses and Breakers

Your home’s circuit breakers, designed to cut off the flow of current whenever there’s excess energy, are a safeguard against power surges. This is great when you need it, but you shouldn’t need it often.

If you’re frequently making trips to your breaker box, your system may be worn-out or you need an update so that your electrical system can handle the energy you’re using at home. Check with an electrician if you live in an older property and are adding a new refrigerator or other large appliance. A specialist can confirm that your home’s circuitry can handle the increased electrical consumption.

Problems With Outlets

Check your outlets for signs that your home needs rewiring. Loose outlets may indicate the need for rewiring, but this issue could also be an easy fix. if you hear a buzzing sound or crackling, call for an electrician as soon as possible. You may also smell a problem with your outlets — if a smell like burning is coming through your outlets, call to arrange an inspection. Moreover, if you see any sparks when you’re plugging or unplugging cords or feel even the slightest shock when using your outlets, there may be an issue with your wiring.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

Lights flickering or suddenly losing some of their light indicates an issue with your circuitry. You may also notice that you’re replacing light bulbs more often than you should be.

Blown fuses and dimming or flickering lights mean you should schedule an inspection soon. But some of the other signs listed above indicate a potential emergency. If you notice any urgent problems with your home’s wiring, contact One Choice Mechanical, LLC at (502) 242-8204 for electrical services.

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