3 Considerations to Make When Choosing Your Next HVAC System

If it is time to upgrade the HVAC system in your Eastwood, Kentucky, home, or you are building a new home, finding the right system may be your greatest concern. The decision is not one that should be taken lightly, as it is an investment that will be a part of your home for the next 10 to 20 years. To make sure that you find the best HVAC system for your home, make the following considerations before making a decision.

Find the Appropriate Size

Bigger doesn’t always mean better when adding an HVAC system to your home. The size you choose is extremely important not only for efficiency but to how long that your system will last before needing to be replaced again. When you choose a system that is too large, it will not heat your home quicker. It will stop and start abruptly, putting a strain on the parts and reducing overall efficiency.

If a system is too small, it will constantly run and have a hard time getting your home the appropriate temperature, causing higher energy bills and reduced longevity for your system.

The Type of System

You will have to consider which type of system you would like to install. You can install a traditional system which uses ductwork to deliver heated air to the rooms that need it, or consider a ductless system if you are installing in a new addition, or building a new home. Heat pumps are another option for those looking to minimize energy use. For those who are dealing with a small amount of space, you may find that a packaged system is an ideal solution.

The Level of Efficiency

Look for models that are Energy Star certified and check and compare energy efficiency ratios to help make your final decision.

Ready to choose a new HVAC system? Contact us today. One of our One Choice Mechanical, LLC specialists will help you find the perfect model for your home.

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