3 AC Noises That Mean You May Need Repairs in Fairdale, KY

During the summer in Fairdale, KY, the key to comfort and relaxation in your home is the HVAC system. However, when your air conditioning system makes some loud, distracting noise, discomfort and worry arise. Here are some noises your AC system could make and what they signify.

The Hissing or Bubbling Sound

Cooling actions by your heating and cooling system are made possible through the use of a refrigerant. When your system experience leaks in the refrigerant, your AC will start to make hissing sounds.

Leaks in the refrigerant can cause fatal accidents. We advise you to reach out to an HVAC professional to fix the leak. Some common causes of refrigerant leaks include:

  • Loosely fitting Schrader valve
  • A rusting heat pump accelerator
  • Damage in the lines
  • A worn-out or rusting filter dryer

A Rattling Sound

If your AC system starts making rattling or chattering noises, it is probably a sign that your AC system is getting old or less functional. HVAC systems lose their performance abilities and durability with time. As a result, parts loosen up and could be the reason for the noise.

Another possible reason for rattling sounds in your HVAC is debris filling up in your system. It’s best to survey the condenser unit for loose parts and tighten them or clean any debris when you hear a rattling noise. If the noise persists, call an expert to help repair or install a new efficient HVAC system.

The Buzzing Sound

Buzzing or vibrating sounds commonly reflect the presence of electrical issues. Here are some causes of the buzzing sounds in your AC system:

  • Loosely fitting parts
  • A failing or loose outdoor fan motor
  • Circuit breaker issues due to a dirty air filter or AC unit
  • Copper lines rubbing against other parts
  • A defective blower

A noisy heating and cooling system is a sign of an ineffective or malfunctioning system. Call One Choice Mechanical, LLC experts to assist in repairing or installing your new HVAC system.

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