2 Top Threats to HVAC Health

Your Louisville, Kentucky home is a haven. You wouldn’t just let intruders into your living space. You probably even do everything you can to keep negative influences away from your peaceful sanctuary. Why? Because all of those things are a threat to the stability of your home.

But without knowing it, you may be letting threats to your HVAC system into your home. They may not be as dangerous as a home intruder, but these threats can certainly have longtime consequences. Watch out for these threats to your HVAC system, and you’ll preserve the comfort, efficiency, and atmosphere of your home.

Short Cycling

Most of the time, threats to your HVAC system arise simply because you weren’t aware that they could become a problem in the first place. So we’re going to show you how to recognize one of the most common issues that result in HVAC strain and damage: short cycling. Short cycling is when your system turns on and off too rapidly, which means the system is spending most of its time in the startup cycle, which is the cycle that uses the most energy. Spending all its time in that cycle puts extra strain on your system and reduces its lifespan. Short cycling is also definitely not a friend to your utility bills.

Short cycling can be caused by many things, from a bad thermostat to a system that’s too large for the home.

Lack of Maintenance

We all need a check up once in a while, and so does your HVAC system. Without regular preventive maintenance, your system will experience unnecessary strain and miss out on repairs that could increase its efficiency and lifespan. Neglecting maintenance could allow a minor threat to become a significant threat, one that may result in the failure of your system.

HVAC threats can be intimidating, but there’s nothing to fear as long as you take good care of your system. Allow us to help your HVAC system maintain good health by calling One Choice Mechanical today at (502) 242-8204.

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