Understanding Mini-Split Systems

A mini-split is different and has some advantages over traditional HVAC systems. If you’ve seen these mini-split devices somewhere, you might be wondering how they work and if they’re better for your home. Homeowners in the Louisville, KY area should study what a mini-split is and understand how it can make their home more comfortable.

Basics of a Mini-Split System

So what is a mini-split system? This type of system has two parts, an outdoor and an indoor unit(s). Only a three-inch hole through the wall is needed to connect the two. Mini-splits allow you to control the temperature in each particular room where the unit is. The outdoor unit can be connected to more than one unit inside depending on the needs of the household. Each room is then controlled individually to meet the temperature preferences of the family.

Flexibility Through a Mini-Split

Mini-splits are very versatile and can be used as an addition to your existing HVAC system or alone in certain areas of the home. If you have a room addition that you want to make more comfortable, you can add a mini-split to set a comfortable temperature. This won’t interfere with other rooms that are using your existing HVAC. Each unit is remote-controlled and has timers so everyone in the family can have their own space at the temperature they want.

Quick and Easy System

With a ductless system, you lose less cooling and heating and save money and energy in the long-run. A system like this can be installed in less time than a duct system. It can even get up and running the same day. The quiet technology makes you think the unit is not even there since the compressor is outside. With a mini-split, you can eliminate or reduce ductwork and noisy indoor units.

Your home’s comfort is important. With more than 10 years of service to the Louisville area, One Choice Mechanical offers 24-hour availability for all your HVAC needs. Please visit our website or call us at (502) 242-8204.

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